What is the CIRI?

CIRI Initiatives

Central Iron Range Sewer District

This project will increase water treatment capacity for the entire region, helping existing and future businesses and residents. Design and pre-design of a region wide waste water treatment system received $1.7 million in state bonding in 2005.

Lake Bathymetry Project

A $500,000 Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources grant is helping fund a project to examine mine pits, the rate at which they may fill with water and their topography. The study will provide projects for when mine pits may be suitable for recreational and other uses.

Motorsports Complex

With $12 million in investor funding and an additional $4 million in public support, including $1.4 million from Iron Range Resources, development of a motorsports complex between Hibbing and Chisholm is well underway. A key step in launching construction, land purchases are being negotiated with multiple owners.

Pit Lake Prototype

CIRI is seeking financing to jump-start residential development on the Twin Cities South mine pit near Chisholm. The money would  go towards consultants and developers, as well as to the Department of Natural Resources to help study sport fishing options.

Mine shaft mapping

Area taconite mining companies have taken steps to map underground mine shafts within their extensive holdings. The project, which relies on ground penetrating radar and other techniques, is invaluable as development projects arise across the region.