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SMDC East Range Clinic

ID  23 
Program ID Number  55792-0001 
Site Name  SMDC East Range Clinic 
Site address   
Site address   
Site City  Virginia 
Site State  Minnesota 
Site ZIP  55792 
Site latitude  47.530327 
Site longitude  -92.541451 
QQS, QS, Sect., Twp., Rng  NW1/4,NW1/4,Sect8 and SW1/4,SW1/4 Sect..5, T. 58N, R. 17W 
Site County  St. Louis 
Site township name   
Local zoning classification  Commercial 
Local parcel code   
Site description (general)  Multi-story brick building with two parking lots near Virginia Lake 
Site Footprint (acres)  4.25 (est.) 
Existing structures on-site  1 brick building 
Existing utilities on-site  Electric, steam, water, sewer 
Past uses of property  Oliver Mining Shops 
Known site issues  none known 
Known site tasks   
Other site comments   
Proposed use   
Proposed jobs (type, number)  300-500 
Developer Name   
Developer Contact Person   
Developer address   
Developer address   
Developer City   
Developer State   
Developer ZIP 
Developer Phone   
Developer Email   
Site Owner Name   
Site owner contact person   
Site owner address   
Site owner address   
Site Owner City   
Site Owner State   
Site Owner ZIP 
Site Owner phone   
Site Owner Email   
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