Projects on the Horizon

North Lakeshore habitat?

Imagine a time when a visitor or resident can choose from a variety stocked mine pit lakes based on the type of fish they feel like angling. Bass in the morning, crappie in the afternoon; walleye the following day, trout the next. All within minutes of each other, either by foot or vehicle, and even within the same lake. It's all possible, and well underway, thanks to CIRI partnerships with the Department of Natural Resources and various mining companies. A DNR study is examining the ways in which mine pits fill with water: naturally through rainwater, groundwater and runoff, and when water is pumped  into them. This process enhances lake development as it allows preplanned areas of aquatic habitat to be created for specific fish and other aquatic species. The resulting commercial fish farms and customized sport fishing lakes would fuel tourism and general economic growth