Projects on the Horizon

Laurentian Lake

Can one lake be all things to all people: developers, vacationers, year-round residents, businesses, boaters, anglers and everyone else who loves the water and lake views? When the lake is up to 25 miles long, it should!

Decades of mining have reshaped the contours of the Central Iron Range, creating opportunities for reclamation projects that incorporate the best of the region's natural attractions. The Laurentian Lake project proposes a carefully reclaimed series of  mine excavations that will fill with spring water and rerouted water from active mines, creating a vast waterway stretching from  an area northwest of Hibbing down to the 169 corridor, encompassing both sides of the highway to form a scenic causeway.

Planners envision Laurentian Lake as a mecca for watersports enthusiasts and anglers, where beaches and lakeshore living and resorts would abound. Working with the Department of Natural Resources, the CIRI is preplanning aquatic habitat within Laurentian Lake to encourage various types of sport fishing. For example, lake floor contouring and plant life could be designed to support different fish species in separate areas of the miles-long lake.

Interactive tours:
    The Vision For the Central Iron Range
    Mineland Transformed into Lake Shore

Powerpoint Presentations:
    Mesabi Iron Range Hydrology (33MB)